Help and Hope for children.

We are so thankful for the partnership God has given us with the Colibri Children’s Home in Dominican Republic.  This home provides 24/7 care to orphans and vulnerable children in Santo Domingo. Spiritual, physical, and educational needs are met and God has provided for each need in miraculous ways. Through ongoing relationships, short-term mission trips, and regular financial support, we have been able to see children grow up and become leaders in the home, in their church, and in their community. 

Saying YES, one step at a time.

How Did We Get Here? Ordinary People, Extraordinary God!
In 2008, we were introduced to this incredible ministry and it’s founder (*names unpublished for security purposes) and a beautiful partnership was born. In 2011, North Pointe leaders prayed for God’s direction in missions for the year. Shortly after, we received the call from the leaders – “The children are suffering. We need help.” After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, countless families and children sought refuge in Dominican Republic. The result was abandoned and orphaned children who needed care. Children were sleeping in the streets and on the floors of churches and the leadership was able to find a rental home to provide shelter but they had no beds and not enough funds for basic necessities. By the end of 2011, God enabled North Pointe to financially support the Children’s Home monthly to provide food and needs for the children. At the end of 2012, God miraculously provided the funds of over $160,000 in 27 days to purchase a permanent home. 

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Send any dollar amount and the word Colibri to 84321. (Example: $100 Colibri or 100 Colibri)



Why Colibri?

You cannot sit in the backyard of the Children’s Home for very long before you are visited by a hummingbird or Colibri (in Spanish.) The Colibri reminds of us many important things…

Hummingbirds are known as “birds of the impossible.”
 Despite their small size and wings that should make flying aerodynamically impossible, they can fly right, left, up, down, backwards and even upside down. They are resilient and they defy all of the physical odds. Full of strength and power, they are overcomers experiencing the beauty of life.

Colibri is a symbol for abundance – not abundance of money, but of JOY and HOPE.
They represent STRENGTH and LIFE and REBIRTH and ETERNITY.