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The NPC Internship Program exists to raise up the next generation of leaders in the Church and in the community through working side-by-side with the staff at North Pointe Church.

What if you could accelerate your ministry experience with a focused, intentional season of hands-on ministry right here at North Pointe?

NPC Internships is a program created for that very purpose. We want to provide you with practical ministry experience, teach you essential biblical principles, and equip you with invaluable leadership opportunities.

Fall Semester

August 18 – December 29, 2019



Interns will serve at NPC in three main capacities: Attending a weekend service, serving at a ministry service during the week, and serving at the Church one day during the week. The Internship will be broken up into semesters, with the Interns encouraged to return from one semester to the next. The Interns will serve in a specific ministry and will work closely with the head of that ministry. The ministry in which the Intern serves will dictate in which weekly service he or she serves, e.g. the children’s ministry intern will serve during NP Kids during a Sunday service.

Interns will be required to read one book, chosen by the Program Director, throughout the semester term and write a brief report on the book due by the end of the program. Interns will meet with the head of the program once a month in order to evaluate their progress.

The Summer program is a higher intensity/higher saturation version of the semester program. Interns will still maintain the semester program’s responsibilities, with the exception that they will be serving at the Church two days a week instead of one. Summer interns will be put into teams that spend the duration of the program rotating between the different ministries of the Church under the guidance of “Senior Interns” who will remain in one ministry all summer. This will afford the interns the opportunity to learn about and experience all that the Church has to offer. Throughout the summer, interns will be working on minor projects that are ministry specific and they will be working on a Church-wide major project. Every week there will be a corporate gathering dedicated to worship, Bible teaching, and leadership development.

 Instead of one book, interns will be reading and discussing three books throughout the duration of the program. The head of the program will be in constant communication with the teams in order to ensure that they are reaching their projected goals.


There is no application or tuition fee for the NPC Internship Program. Any cost will be on an individual basis for books.


Applicants must have certain qualities in order to be selected as Interns; therefore, there is an application that must be filled out. NPC will only admit the best applicants into the program in order to develop the most effective future leadership for the equipping of the Church.

This program calls on the Interns to invest in the Church and into their Internship. While they are not required to be members of NPC, Interns should demonstrate the “ten commitments of a member” as described on the NPC website.

Areas of Focus

Interns can serve in five different ministries:

  • Youth ministry
  • Worship ministry
  • Children’s ministry
  • Administration
  • Communications & Marketing

Why NPC Internships?

This program provides a unique opportunity for Interns to learn real-life ministry lessons and leadership principles that they can carry throughout their ministries and their lives in general. Interns will see and experience what practical ministry is and learn how to thrive therein and expand the kingdom through it.

Interns will also have the opportunity for personal growth through the teaching of leadership principles and the discipling by the head of the ministry in which they are serving.

The NPC Internship Program afford the participants a “real world” opportunity to experience ministry. Depending on their phase of development and previous experience, they will either: Watch & Learn, Work & Grow, or Stretch & Launch.

Valuable lessons will be learned in their time in the program as they experience what it takes to care for God’s people and manage God’s resources. There are few training grounds outside of academia focused on the development of those who believe God is calling them to full time vocational Christian ministry. This is a program designed to do just that.

From time management, project administration, volunteer coordination, to message preparation and worship planning, this program allows the participants to take their next steps into ministry in a structured, proctored, and developmentally centered environment.