Below are the tracks designed for kids entering grades 3-5.
Space in each track is limited. Track choices still available will be listed on the registration form.

Click here for tracks for kids entering grades K-2.

To ensure all of our kids have a fun & safe week at Discovery Camp, a limited number of spaces and track combinations are available.
3rd-5th Grade Choices
  • Soccer / Camera Crew
  • Soccer / Group Games
  • Outdoor Adventures / Construction Zone
  • Outdoor Adventures / Group Games
  • Kitchen Concoctions / Art Works
  • Kitchen Concoctions /  Cheer & Tumble
  • Science Discovery Lab / Construction Zone
  • Science Discovery Lab / Camera Crew
  • Drama / Group Games
  • Drama / Art Works
  • Ballet / Art Works
  • Ballet / Cheer & Tumble

Construction Zone will give kids in Grades 3-5 the chance to create basic wood working projects, in addition to building with Legos, K-Nex, and more. Kids will also learn how to conquer engineering challenges with creative problem solving.

Dive into the world of cooking! Love to cook? Maybe it’s time to acquire some new skills in Kitchen Concoctions while creating and eating some great snacks.

Soccer Skillz will teach kids the basics of soccer and enhance soccer skills using fun drills. Kids will compete in mini-games and scrimmages against other kids throughout the week.

You’ll have a blast in Camera Crew snapping photos, capturing videos & completing fun photography challenges. You’ll learn about picture and video editing, using technology to create awesome projects. It is best if kids come to camp with their own device for taking pictures and video. This can be a phone, tablet, or digital camera.

Outdoor Adventures will give kids the opportunity to embrace outdoor life by exploring nature, animals, camping experiences, and more.

Explore your creative side! In Art Works kids will create projects and learn art techniques through painting, drawing, and more.

If you’re a sports fan or just like to play fun games, you belong HERE! Get your game on by playing active recreational games, both indoor and outdoor, in Group Games.

Prepare to be amazed! Science Discovery Lab will give kids the chance to do hands-on experiments every day as they explore basic scientific principles.

Kids will learn Drama techniques through games and activities that teach kids how to express their emotions and portray fun characters. Kids will perform on stage throughout the week and for the community on Sunday.

The Ballet track will focus on the fundamentals of creative movement and ballet techniques while preparing children for a Sunday morning performance.

In Cheer and Tumble, kids will spend the week learning the basics of all elements of cheerleading. Chants, cheers, jumps, tumbling, stunting, and music routines will all be a part of this track. Smiles and spirit all around on this track!