Have you ever wondered if you’re truly living Fully Alive?
Each of us long to be free from anxiety, worry, troubles from our past, and the fears for our future. Fully Alive living is a life full of transparency, vulnerability, truth, grace, and forgiveness. When we live FULLY ALIVE, we can receive God’s love, believe God’s Word, obey Him no matter the cost and are free to be who God created us to be.
Fully Alive Men’s Retreat is a truly unique retreat weekend designed to cultivate an intimate encounter with the Heavenly Father with other like minded brothers! Permitting the Holy Spirit to transform & connect your head and heart to be healed in ways that are not humanly possible – finding true Freedom in Christ. Fully Alive is founded and based on  Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else guard your heart for out of the heart flow all the issues of life.”
God designed you to live from your heart. Created to manifest His glory on earth. You were uniquely made for this moment in time. Hard-wired from the factory of heaven, you were meant to shine. Only when you live life from your heart, embracing all of life’s experiences, will you experience the width, the depth, and the height of this great adventure of God.
If that sounds good, then Fully Alive and time away with God is what you have been waiting for.
If you desire more in your personal- spiritual walk with the Lord, but find yourself stuck, and/or can’t get past hurts, hang-ups or harmful-habits and you’re ready for a breakthrough, Fully Alive is a place for you!
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The Original Sanctuary Book – Prior to attending a Fully Alive event, the only preparation required is to read The Original Sanctuary. If you would like to hear more and begin your journey to a FULLY ALIVE life, click on the link to get your copy of this heart-changing book.

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