At its core, a Small Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with.  We all need each other and that’s why we have Small Groups. Just like most things, you won’t know until you try.

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If you don’t see a group at the time/day/location you are looking for, click the link below so we can help! We are always adding new groups as approved hosts and leaders are available.

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CONTACT: Pastor Robby Frisone Robby@northpointeFL.org

Join our vibrant Women’s Ministry at North Pointe, where faith, friendship, and personal growth come together! Our welcoming community offers engaging Bible studies, inspiring worship sessions, and a variety of social and outreach activities designed to support and empower women of all ages and backgrounds. RSVP for our monthly free Women’s Ministry event, “The Table.” Whether you’re looking to deepen your spiritual journey, build meaningful relationships, or make a positive impact in our community, you’ll find a warm and inclusive space to connect and grow.

Women's Ministry

Discover the camaraderie and spiritual growth awaiting you in our Men’s Ministry at North Pointe. Our community is dedicated to helping men strengthen their faith, build lasting friendships, and lead with integrity in every aspect of their lives. Be sure to sign up for our free monthly Men’s Ministry event, “Base Camp.” Join up with other men and grow together in the likeness of Christ.

Men's Ministry