In 2008, North Pointe leaders prayed asking God to ignite our personal passion for missions. This prayer led to a phrase that is now permanently connected to our Vision & Mission Statement… “Across the Street and Around the World.” Our desire was to be a church that is missional – not a church that just took mission trips.

Ambassadors of Jesus Children’s Home in Port Au Prince, Haiti led by Pastor Lucien Almanord became our very first Mission Partner. What began as one Mission Trip to Haiti to help with a construction project has now grown into a partnership beyond what we could have ever planned or imagined. God brought this ministry to our attention through another local church who has a long history supporting and serving alongside Pastor Lucien. It is here that he has been caring children for over 30 years, meeting the spiritual & physical needs of the children and the community. Pastor Lucien’s heart is to be “father to the fatherless.” Our relationship with Pastor Lucien grew deeper over the years and we have taken several trips to the Children’s Home and churches in Haiti including community ministry, construction, earthquake repairs, playground installation & life-long relationships with these brothers & sisters. This connection is what fueled our partnership in 2011 with what is now referred to as the Colibri Children’s Home in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.