Laura Aylward

Office Phone: 813.948.9420


Laura & Billy Aylward have been attending NPC since 2017 (over 6yrs)   Laura has been actively involved in leadership roles in both our KidMin & Student Ministry for the past 5 years.  In addition, Laura served as our Discovery Camp/VBS Director last year!
Laura‘s role at NextGen Director is to design and build, (in collaboration with NPKids & Student Directors) a comprehensive children’s and student’s ministry program (birth to 18yr) that creatively engages kids with the truth of God’s word and teaches them how to understand and apply it to their lives.  The NGD understands that each stage of life, brings new understanding and new opportunity to deposit truth from God’s Word – and establishing a scope & sequence for each milestone for our children along the way in areas like: Bible story content, Memory Verses, Books of the Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Life Application, Identity, Morality. Our goal is to raise up biblically literate, fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ.
Please welcome Laura Aylward to the NPC Team!