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Jesus has been called many things: prophet, teacher, man, God. But who did He say He was? And once you see who Jesus is, what does that mean for you and your life? Join us as we journey through the book of John together & discover Jesus in His own words.

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Week 1 – 2/26/17 Come & See (Click to Watch)
Week 2 – 3/5/17 I Am the Messiah (Video Unavailable)

Week 3 – 3/12/17 I Am the Bread of Life (Click to Watch)
Week 4 – 3/19/17 I Am the Light of the World (Click to Watch)
Week 5 – 3/26/17 I Am the Gate (Click to Watch)
Week 6 – 4/2/17 Click to Watch
Week 7 – 4/9/17 Closed Door Conversations (Click to Watch)

  • Week 1 - Spiritual Transformation (1/8/17)

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    Spiritual Transformation is not instantaneous, it is a process that begins with inviting God to work in your life. Transformation may make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, but trust that when it is complete, God will transform you into something beautiful!

  • Week 2 - Mental Transformation (1/15/17)

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    God designed us to control our thoughts rather than our thoughts controlling us.
    The mind of man is a busy thing, and if not directed in doing good, it will drift to doing bad. Colossians 3:2 says “Set your minds on things that are above, and not on things that are on Earth, for your have died and your life is hidden in Christ with God.”

  • Week 3 - Vocational Transformation (1/22/17)

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  • Week 4 - Physical Transformation (1/29/17)

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    Physical Transformation is a Spiritual Discipline.

  • Week 5 - Financial Transformation (2/5/17)

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    Benjamin Franklin once said “Success and Wealth have ruined many a man, but contentment has never claimed a victim.”  Christian’s should establish a benchmark of contentment in their lives to increase generosity and leave a legacy!

  • Week 6 - Relational Transformation (2/12/17)

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Week 1 – 12/4/16 [Watch Now]
Week 2 – 12/11/16 [Watch Now]
Christmas Eve – 12/24/16 [Watch Now]

Making sense of life can sometimes feel like a puzzle. What if the big picture isn’t turning out how you expected? How do we navigate the mazes, puzzles and challenges of life in a way that honors God and prepares us for the future He has planned for us?

Week 1 – 10/30/16 [Watch Now]
Week 2 – 11/6/16 [Watch Now]
Week 3 – 11/13/16 [Watch Now]

Your schedule is causing you to become someone – a workaholic dad, a chronically-exhausted mom, a distracted employee…OR a devoted follower of Christ, a responsible financial steward, a prayer warrior, a faithful friend. If God were writing your schedule today, what would He have you do? Let’s explore how to stop living at such a frantic pace and begin charting a new course toward satisfaction, purpose, and significance. Join us for SIMPLIFY as we discover together the power of simplicity in your schedule, work, finances, relationships, and soul.

Week 1 – 9/18/16 Simplify Your Schedule  [Watch Now]
Week 2 – 9/25/16 Simplify Your Finances [Watch Now]
Week 3 – 10/3/16 Simplify Your Relationships [Watch Now]
Week 4 – 10/9/16 God’s Purpose & Plan  [Watch Now]