Sunday Mornings

Kids will love their Sundays at NPC!

These young hearts and minds learn foundational truths about God with our dedicated teaching team. We have separate classrooms for each age group to really target each group’s unique developmental needs. All of our early childhood classes are in the same series, but as the kids get older they dig in deeper with more organized activities and life application. The kids learn about God’s Word through video-based Bible lessons, engaging worship music, games, crafts, play time & a small snack. Our younger preschool kids learn the same Bible story for two weeks in a row to reinforce their knowledge and understanding. But each week, the activities change to keep the kids interested and learning more.

For more information about current series and updates, visit the NPKids Facebook page.

On your way home, be sure to ask your child: “What did you learn today?”  and “Did you have fun?” This gives your child an opportunity to share what they learned and also helps to reinforce the knowledge they gained! These kids love to teach their parents the lesson’s Need to Know Phrase and the series’ Memory Verse.


Raising young children is a glorious and exhausting time in life and no mom should be isolated!

Through a partnership with our Women’s Ministry, we have many events for preschool kids and moms to connect and build relationships. [More]








Brenna Bamberry, Children’s Ministry Director
Phone: 813.948.9420