Secret Schemes of Satan Part 1 |   7.2.17  |   Isolation Alley

Satan is crafty but he’s not very creative.
Yes, he is a dangerous and formidable foe, but his schemes are often predictable and defendable. In this series we will examine some of Satan’s Secret Schemes and teach you how to identify and defend against them.

Secret Schemes of Satan Part 2   |   7.9.17   |   Wedge & Magnify

Secret Schemes of Satan Part 3   |   7.16.17   |  You are the potter.

Satan wants to make us take the role of Potter in our lives. The Bible says God is the Potter and We are the clay. Every time we try to be the Potter in our lives we are always left frustrated and unfulfilled. God has designed you with a purpose- a Kingdom purpose. Your purpose is for the kingdom… Your profession is for your provision.

Secret Schemes of Satan Part 4   |   7.23.17   |  Knowing vs Doing

Why is it important to bridge the Knowing/Doing Gap when it comes to following Jesus?