Message: “Balance and Alignment” from Pastor Steve Wells

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Pastor Steve Wells - February 17, 2019

Balance and Alignment

House of Our Dreams

God designed marriage to have balance & alignment. Marriages with Christ at the center and a healthy balance of biblical responsibilities will experience the joy of harmony and health in their marriages. Both of the husband's and wife's roles are heavy weights of responsibility...Each begin with mutual submission to Christ and each other!

From Series: "House of Our Dreams"

No one ever got married dreaming that one day their marriage would fail. Satan fights against marriages. Satan attacks marriages from the outside, but also schemes to destroy marriages from the inside. Join us over the next 4 weeks as we discover the 4 ways Satan effectively attacks marriages and learn how to guard your home from his attack. Good News: We don't have to victims. We need to be wise! We can all have the House of our Dreams!

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