Message: “David Part 5: David & Goliath” from Pastor Steve Wells

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Pastor Steve Wells - December 9, 2018

Not Sold In Stores: Healing

Not Sold In Stores

When we need healing - we would do anything to get it. But we can't buy healing in a store. Healing only comes from God. God's power to heal in the Bible is undeniable - but yet for us today - the miracle of physical healing is not commonplace. It can be easy to doubt if God still heals today. Explore the various types of healings we see in our world today!

From Series: "Not Sold In Stores"

Did you know that Amazon sells on average 306 items per second? Crazy isn’t it? Even more staggering is that of the over 480 million products that Amazon sells, there are 5 things that they don’t sell and that everybody needs; and truth be told, they will never be able to sell them. Join us the entire month of December as we unpack the gifts that are NOT SOLD IN STORES.

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