In North Pointe Kids ministry, we work hard to equip children to have a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Part of this is designing engaging age-appropriate classes each Sunday morning that focus on a Bible story and how it connects with Jesus. 

While we love this time, we realize
it‘s only one hour on Sunday. The greatest opportunity for faith development happens Monday through Saturday – at home, with you! This is why our goal is to partner with you as a parent as you disciple your children. 


To equip you to engage your child on these topics, check out the information below. We encourage you to read through it to go deeper with God yourself before talking with your child. This part isn’t for the kids, it‘s for YOU. We look forward to seeing your family on Sunday!

Preparing for 12.4.22

God’s Word is living, active, sharp, powerful, and profitable. (Heb. 4:12; 2 Tim. 3:16-17) The Bible indicates that by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s words teach, rebuke, correct, and train us so that we are complete and equipped for the work that God has created us for. 

The Bible is full of stories, illustrations, commands, warnings, and heart-provoking questions that provide for us everything we need. Yet, throughout our lives, we intentionally disregard God’s words for us. We are guilty of the same thing that Jeremiah 29:19 describes—not listening to God’s words. When we know God’s words and know that God’s words are good for us, why do we continuously neglect them? The answer is simple: We prefer our own way.

Throughout the Bible, God warns us by direct command and historical example. We find explicit instructions to obey God’s words and explicit assurances of the pending consequences for refusing to obey His words. We find instances where God executes His justice on those unknowingly ignorant toward His instructions and those blatantly defiant toward Him. God takes His words seriously and expects that we do the same.

What is your relationship to God’s words given to us in the Bible? Are you distant, aware, knowledgeable, or in awe? Are you dismissive, forgetful, interested, or obedient? God’s expectation is that we would hear and obey His words, that we would seek His truth and live His truth, and that we would know His instructions and heed them.

The reality is that we all will fail to do this, but there is hope because of the One who has the title “The Word.” Jesus, the living Word of God, lived a perfect life in full obedience to God and His words, yet He died the death that we deserve so that in our failure, we might find hope.

The answer to our struggle to listen and obey God’s words is not simply trying harder, but pursuing a greater love of God, a greater hope in His Son, and a greater trust in His Spirit. These will lead us to greater obedience. His expectations are great, but His mercy is more.


Jeremiah: prophet who proclaimed God’s judgment upon Judah and Jerusalem and proclaimed hope and salvation


  • Are God’s words good? If so, why do we disregard them?
  • Which of God’s words mean more to you, direct commands or historical examples?
  • Have you ever known God’s word said one thing then done another? Why?
  • How do you find hope in God’s words?


  • Worship Songs:
  • Take a walk with your kids this week and look for ways God has blessed us through nature.
  • Talk with your children about God’s creation. Ask which are their favorite animals, plants, etc.
  • Brainstorm ways with your kids about how they can love on other people. Explain to them that because God loves us, He expects us to love other people.
    • Consider ways to show love to your neighbors.


As the KidMin Krew prepares engaging lessons for this coming Sunday morning, now is the time to get to know the story and the topics they’ll be discussing.

Unit 16 • Session 1 • December 4, 2022

LESSON DESCRIPTION: God did not abandon His people. The prophet Jeremiah encouraged God’s people. He said God was going to save His people from captivity and raise up a new King—a forever King—from David’s family.

UNIT DESCRIPTION: The people were far away from the land God had given them, but they were not far from the God who had given it. Even in exile, God was with His people watching over them and promising them that one day, they would return to the land, and when they did, they would return to Him as well.

BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Where is God? God is in all places at all times and is always with His people.

CHRIST CONNECTION: God did not abandon His people. The prophet Jeremiah encouraged God’s people. He said God was going to save His people from captivity and raise up a new King—a forever King—from David’s family.

THIS WEEK’S KEY PASSAGES (click to read):


This is a critical moment. Before the rest of the day distracts him or her, use these questions to create a moment between parent and child, one that will take your discipleship relationship to the next level.

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For those families who’d like to take a deeper dive on this topic, click the link below. It will take you to some fantastic follow up resources!

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