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Day 11 – December 7

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Day 11 – December 7

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. 1 Corinthians 13:7 NLT

You know that feeling when you arrive at your grandma’s house, you can smell the good home cooking, laughter is erupting from the front porch and grandma herself is waiting for you by the front door ready to give you the BIGGEST hug and kiss. There is something about the warmth and love of my Mammaw, that is such a great reminder of the love, faith and hope that endures through most everything. I know I can call my Mammaw and she will be ready with a listening ear and a heartfelt prayer to encourage me. The promise of today’s verse goes beyond even what a grandma can offer in love, faith and hope. The Love of Christ is the only true way to endure through all circumstances. I am grateful for that kind of love. 

Father, I am so thankful for the love You show me by sending Jesus as the perfect example of faith, hope and love. Jesus, continue to make me more like You as I strive to live my life to honor You in all circumstances.  Amen.

Written by: Pastor Lance Courtney



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  • Mary Clark says:

    Gramma Mac was the same way. She was a great example of Jesus love.

  • John Ayan says:

    Oh man, be truly thankful for your grandma’s love. I don’t remember either of my grandmothers expressing their love for us kids. Not saying they didn’t, just saying I didn’t witness it.

  • Martha Molina says:

    I want to be an abuela like that one day! Thank you for today’s message.

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