Day 27 – December 23

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  [Philippians 4:7 ESV]

Last minute shopping. Extended time with extended family. Office parties. School programs. Lights and sounds and busy schedules. Often at this point in the Christmas season, it feels everything but peaceful. 

Overwhelmed. Worried. Anxious. Stressed. Disappointed.  Whatever we name it, all of us know what it feels like. Whether we put it on ourselves, or we are going through a difficult season beyond our control, peace can be hard to find.  But, peace is what we long for, isn’t it? 

Peace. Rest. Tranquility. All is calm, all is bright.  We want that to describe us! 

As we prepare for Christmas in just TWO DAYS,  if it seems that peace is out of reach, give yourself permission to stop, rest, and pray. I know, that’s the easy “Sunday school answer,” right? But, don’t we try everything else and keep finding ourselves back at the same place? Don’t wait for “things to calm down” and don’t settle for how it’s always been. Don’t keep running on empty or pushing through the chaos or ignoring God’s pursuit of your heart and your mind in this season. Approach His throne with the boldness we have because of Jesus. Tell Him what you need. God doesn’t promise to change our circumstances, but He absolutely can and will extend His peace to us…right in the middle of our mess. When I can’t understand all that is swirling around me, I am thankful for this truth: I am not in control, but I am deeply loved by the One who is.

He will be your peace –  the peace that guards your heart and your mind.
That’s the peace you crave.
That’s the peace He promises.
We want to understand.
He peace is better.

God, I need Your peace. I am sorry for the way I try to fix things on my own and the times I want to understand when Your peace is what I really need. I have believed that peace in the midst of my chaos is not possible, but it is possible because You say so and You are the giver of peace! Help me remember this truth in the moments when it matters most. Help me turn to You first. Fill me, Holy Spirit with the peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen. 

Written By: Kylie McCracken 

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