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May 2022

Keep Looking Up

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“The heavens proclaim the glory of God.
    The skies display his craftsmanship.”
Psalm 19:1

One Minute Message

One kid asked the other, “Which is closer, Florida or the Moon? the second answered: “Duh! The Moon! You can’t see Florida from here!”

We can laugh, not unkindly, at a childlike understanding of the universe since we know that kids have so much yet to learn. But if you ponder the vastness of the universe and the endless mysteries it contains, it is easy to realize that we all have a childlike understanding of the cosmos. Do you marvel, jaw agape, when you see a painted sky during an Autumn sunset? Do you cry out with excitement when you catch a shooting star in the periphery of your vision? Do you stare at the tiny hands of a newborn child with awe at the intricacy and perfect frailty of the human body? Or, have you lost the wonder?

God’s desire is that we would never lose the wonder of his creation. He created the heavens in fact to proclaim his glory; he hung the sun, moon, and stars in their orbits to display his craftsmanship. Never lose the wonder! Did you know that you too are his craftsmanship? That’s right! And the God who made you wants to have a personal relationship with you. Yep, the King of the Universe wants to talk to you.

To know how to meet the King and begin a relationship with him, check out the resources below. And remember, God is real; His word is true; and that has the power to change YOUR life!